The current state of sustainability education

  • There is a momentum, as the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is working on a modification of the curriculum.
  • There is a lack of strong leadership and vision among politicians, and within school managements.
  • There are numerous small initiatives to anchor sustainability in our educational system, but a comprehensive and ambitious implementation fails to occur.
  • Our society lacks a sense of urgency, and sustainability education is not considered a priority.
  • Process stagnation is caused by a bilateral communication failure.

How the Time is Now Foundation contributes

  • Agenda pushers. We influence politicians, school leaders, teachers, companies as well as the general public via a structured lobby for sustainability education (top down)
  • We create a broad base for sustainability education within society by starting up social movements. (bottom up)
  • Creating unique connections. We facilitate a permanent stakeholder dialogue via round-table talks, to identify the pitfalls and possibilities of sustainability education.
  • Process custodians. We are the initiator and process custodian of a core group in which the most relevant lobby organization have joined forces. This way we can build and execute a more efficient sustainability education lobby.
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