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The Time is Now for sustainability education
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela

The Time is Now Foundation is the ultimate catalyst to realize the necessary implementation of sustainability education in secondary schools, with the purpose of changing the way the next generations look at nature. This way we are working towards a paradigm shift within society, which is needed to help reverse the climate crisis and secure a healthy planet.


Connecting the right stakeholders at the right time through a very pragmatic approach to our goal.


An accelerated implementation of sustainability education in Secondary Schools.


A sustainable world for both humans and the natural world.

Education is the key

By realizing the urgency of climate change and environmental pollution it becomes clear; a sustainable future is the only future we have. The time is now to zoom out, to combine forces and take active and concrete steps towards transition within society. Sustainability has to become part of our society’s DNA. Education is essential to secure a sustainable society, in which new generations have an opportunity to become responsible co-creators for the future of our planet.

What makes us unique


Our broad network reaches from politics to industry,
from student to media and from bishop to top DJ.

Civil Initiative

We are a civil initiative, growing to become a strong lobby organization.
Our ‘broad based citizen engagement’
inspires others to
become ‘change agents’, like us.


We are passionate, idealistic and creative. We have the thorough ambition to generate change, which makes us very result-orientated.


We are an independent
organization, that monitors the ‘big picture’, without getting lost in content. Therefore we can easily act as as a process custodian.

Our activities

  • Coordinating an effective lobby for sustainability education by being a consistent connector between politicians, the industry, teachers, students, society and the media – to strengthen bilateral communication and speed up the implementation process.
  • Jump-starting social movements.
  • Making sustainability part of the testing system of the Dutch Inspectorate of Education.
  • Facilitating a permanent stakeholder dialogue through quarterly round-table talks, in which we research the possibilities and pitfalls of the implementation process of sustainability education.

Our Team

Marte Visser

Marte Visser

Founder | Project Manager

The era of the modern sustainable economy and bio-centrical thinking has begun. I anyone can lead this transition, it‘s the Dutch.

Yvonne Lang

Yvonne Lang

Co-founder | Advisor

We need a strong political agenda that anticipates a sustainable future for us all.”

Yanna Hoek

Yanna Hoek

Project officer

I am a green criminologist who wants to uncover ecological injustice in the world.”

info @ timeisnowfoundation.org

We are looking forward to hearing from you!